EYES: Hazel Blue

HAIR: Light Brown

SHIRT: M 16.5/35

PANT: 33/34



HAT: 7 3/8


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Stunts: Fights, Horse, Burns, Wire Work, Stair Falls,

Melee Combat: Unarmed(Hapkido, Judo), Broadsword, Axes(Hand-Battle), Spear, Polearms, Sword and Shield, Axe and Shield, Rapier, Small Swords, Short Sword, Dagger, Cloak and Dagger,

Ranged Combat: Javelin, Spear, Trident and Net, Bow, Crossbow, Slingshot, Dart

     Firearms: Matchlock, Flintlock, WWI-Desert Storm Handguns and Long Arms

Equestrian: Falls and Dismounts, Sword, Javalin, Swimming, Saddles; Western, Australian, Roman


Movement: Creature Suits, Puppetry(Hand to Multi Performer Rigs), Commedia dell'arte, Mask Work,  Clowning, Contact Improv,

Modeling: Print, Underwater, Product


Certifications and Permits: Entertainment Firearms Permit (EFP 2011-Current), Handgun Safety Certificate CA, Powered Industrial Truck Operator's Permit OSHA, CA Cass C Driver's Liscense, Valid US Passport

Experience Working With: Heavy Prosthetic Makeup, Underwater Filming, Ships, Small-Large Animals, Children, Audiences, Hosting


Los Angeles Fight Academy- Performance Rifle and Shotgun, Wirework, Mini Tramp, Falls 2011

Dohyun International Hapkido Federation- Assistant Instructor, Demo Team 2010-2012

Sword Fights Inc.- Theatrical and Stunt Armed Combat, Fight Team Member 2010-2013

Triangle X Ranch, Moose Wyoming- Equestrian Training: Cross Country, Swimming, Herding, Formations

Orange County Performing Arts Center & South Coast Repertory Theater- Summer Conservatory, Acting Intensives

Pacific Coast Entertainment- Puppetry and Puppet Rigging 2003



UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at SANTA BARBARA - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Acting Conservatory 2009 (High Honors)

Acting: Risa Branin, Irwin Appel, Tom Whitaker, Doug Kaback, Sage Parker, Jason Narvy; Acting for Camera: Sage Parker

Movement, Clowning, Stage Combat: Jeff Mills, Jason Narvy Voice & Speech & Voice Over: Michael Morgan

Modern & Ballroom Dance: Christopher Pilafian, Steve Ota. Fencing: Tim Robinson


Master Classes-

Acting: Tina Landau (View Points), Olympia Dukakis, Les Waters, Luis Alfaro, Erik Ehn, Josh Chambers

Shakespeare: The Bulgarian National Theatre

Clowning: Bill Irwin

Puppetry: Liebe Wetzel, Rebecca Novick

Audition Technique: April Webster, Perry Lang

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