Bryan Forrest is a diverse entertainer known for not only his work as an Actor on stage and screen but  as a blacksmith, stunt fighter, voice over artist and puppeteer. He attended university conservatory becoming a classically trained actor and managed to fill what little time that left by studying every other form of performance art he could find. Shakespeare, clowning, mask work, puppetry, fencing and ballroom dance were just some of his subjects of study while holding down a job as a Senior Scene Technician at the University’s Scenic Shop for all four years culminating in earning, with High Honors, his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Acting Conservatory.


Since moving to Los Angeles Bryan has be delighted to be apart of some of the most engaging and cutting edge productions across the Internet and Stage while continuing his work on both Stage and Screen. Bryan also works in collaboration with numerous production companies and MCNs in the city producing original content, geek culture and news review shows as a Producer and Host. Bryan grew up dreaming of riding horses, fighting dragons with a sword. His career is a testament of what can be achieved when you let dreams grow.


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